How our card-lock system can prevent this from happening to you!

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2015-10-26 12:30:24 EDT Man Accused of Buying 800-Plus Gal Fuel With Stolen Credit Card Is Arrested The Florida Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement has arrested a man in Fort Pierce, Fla., accusing him of illegally obtaining more than 800 gallons of fuel with stolen credit card information. The state has charged Julio Regalado Garcia, 51, with one count of unlawful conveyance of fuel and one count of fraudulent use of a credit card. Both charges are third-degree felonies. Garcia had filled up what is known as a “bladder truck,” a truck that is retrofitted with a large, hidden fuel tank. […]

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Spence/Banks Oil is Featured in the Winter Energy and Mining International!

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Spence/Banks Oil Inc. Article by Jim Harris & Alan Dorich For Spence/Banks Oil Inc., being a small company does not mean being behind the times. “We know we have to stay in front of the tsunami of technology in order to not be drowned,” says Jim Owen, president and owner of the Terre Haute, Ind.-based fuel and oil provider. His father, Keith Owen Jr., founded Spence/Banks 35 years ago and today it consists of four divisions that service customers in a 120-mile radius around Terre Haute. One division transports gasoline and distillates “to convenience stores, municipalities, military bases and prisons,” […]

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Why Bombing This Tiny Oil Producer Is Roiling the Energy Market

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(Bloomberg) — While Yemen contributes less than 0.2 percent of global oil output, its location puts it near the center of world energy trade. The nation shares a border with Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest crude exporter, and sits on one side of a shipping chokepoint used by tankers heading West from the Persian Gulf. Global oil prices jumped more than 5 percent on Thursday after regional powers began bombing rebel targets in the country that produced less than Denmark in 2013. Yemen’s government collapsed in the face of an offensive by rebels known as Houthis, prompting airstrikes led by […]

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Importance of Safety Training

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Importance of Safety Training Routine work can dull alertness and a relaxed attitude can replace the caution that existed when the job was new and interesting. In many jobs the same route is traveled daily over the same roads or the same tasks are repeated with little conscious thought. Without some periodic reawakening to the ever-present hazards, lethargy deepens and the odds of an accident occurring can increase. Workers may not always recognize the importance of safety training or think of it as unnecessary because they’ve “been doing it for years.” But an important benefit of periodic safety training is […]

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IEA spots signs that oil decline ‘tide will turn’

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IEA spots signs that oil decline ‘tide will turn’ Holly Ellyatt | @HollyEllyatt Friday, 16 Jan 2015 | 4:02 AM ETCNBC.com   Although a recovery in the price of oil – which has fallen over 60 percent since June 2014 — might not be “imminent”, there are tentative signs that the tide is turning, according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) latest report. “How low the market’s floor will be is anybody’s guess. But the selloff is having an impact. A price recovery – barring any major disruption – may not be imminent, but signs are mounting that the tide […]

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Gov’t tells US drivers to get used to cheap gas

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Gov’t tells US drivers to get used to cheap gas By The Associated Press Published: November 13, 2014, 9:22 am NEW YORK (AP) — Those low gas prices on station signs aren’t going away soon, the government says. In a dramatic shift from previous forecasts, the Energy Department predicted Wednesday that the average price of gasoline in the U.S. will be below $2.94 a gallon in 2015. That a 44-cent drop from an outlook issued just a month ago. If the sharply lower estimate holds true, U.S. consumers will save $61 billion on gas compared with this year. Rising oil […]

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Pacific Pride Releases New Version of App

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Pacific Pride Releases New Version of App

On October 31, 2014 Pacific Pride launched Version 2 of it’s mobile applications on the Google Play Store and on Apple’s iTunes. Both apps have been redesigned for improved functionality. Existing app users should receive an update notification on their phone. Simply click on the update notification and download the new app. A new icon will appear replacing the old version. If you don’t receive the update notification you can search in either the Google Play Store (for Andriod users) or iTunes (for iPhone users) and download the new free app. You can also download them by using the links below. […]

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Global CNG Vehicles Market 2014-2018″ report to their offering.

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Research and Markets: Global CNG Vehicles Market 2014-2018 – Increased Number of Bi-fuel Vehicles Research and Markets October 22, 2014 4:46 AM                               DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–   Research and Markets  has announced the addition of the “Global CNG Vehicles Market 2014-2018″ report to their offering. The Global CNG Vehicles market to grow at a CAGR of 7.71% over the period 2013-2018 CNG is a low-carbon fuel for automotive, and CNG-fuelled automotive can be used as alternative fuel vehicles. Natural gas is an organic compound found deep within the earth, and it mainly consists of methane. In a CNG vehicle, natural gas […]

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