Clara Fairbanks

Clara Small LogoThe Mission of the Clara Fairbanks Foundation is to enrich and enhance the quality of life in Vigo County, Indiana. Primary consideration for funding is for projects that benefit disadvantaged women, children and families. Funding projects to sustain existing qualified philanthropic organizations through grants in the areas of human health and welfare, community development, education, the arts and religion.

1. CFFI does not favor start-up projects with a plan for long term funding.

2. The CFFI’s commitment to a project is limited to a fixed period usually a year. A Plan for future funding must be requested, unless the project is to be terminated by design.

3. CFFI does not favor funding 100% of the cost of a project. Other foundations, agencies or sponsors should pledge matching funds.

4. CFFI appreciates some type of visible recognition for its contributions, where applicable. To honor the memory of Clara Fairbanks.

5. An elaborate proposal is unnecessary. Please fill out the summary sheet, include a recent financial statement for the agency as a whole and a copy of the applicant’s determination letter (IRS non-profit status) is required. If a financial statement is not furnished; request for funding will not be approved.

6. Please present all Project Summary Sheets and other required documents by September 30th for consideration for proposed distribution of funds by November 30th of this year.

7. CFFI will notify gift recipients in writing of amount of donation and date of distribution. All distributions are given in person.

Download the Clara Fairbanks Application