Wet Hosing

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Spence/Banks Oil provides on site wet hosing service and delivery to customers in the Wabash Valley.  Whether your company has a few pieces of construction equipment or a large fleet of trucks, we can develop an appropriate on-site fueling schedule to meet your needs.  We will come to your company yard or job site and hand-fill each piece of equipment.

We have a great deal of experience with efficient fuel distribution. We use specially designed delivery trucks and well trained drivers. We can supply and deliver gas or diesel fuel directly into your vehicles, tanks or equipment with metered pumps that guarantee accuracy.

Benefits of our wet hosing service:

1.  Your driver and their trucks spend less time at a crowded c-store or truck stop and more time on the road delivering products and improving the productivity of your operations.

2.  No need for your company to store the fuel. Given the costs of complying with government regulations, onsite fuel storage has become extremely difficult to manage.

3.  Reduced risk, cost, and liability of tanks and product.

4.  No capital cost for inventory.

Want to understand how our fuel distribution service can work for you? Do you have questions about wet hosing?  We have a dedicated customer support staff to help you.