Transport Tankers

Spence/Banks Oil supplies gasoline, E-85, kerosene and diesel fuel to branded as well as unbranded truck stops, convenience store, hub depots and service centers.  Our drivers are trained and  licensed  to access product from  more than 30 different exchanges.  When fractions of pennies matter, this access allows us to shop the market and deliver fuel at competitive pricing.

Many of our customers  make the decision to have Spence/Banks Oil monitor tank levels. This service frees you from the need to order fuel and try to manage price fluctuations.  We take into account past fuel usage and future demand such as weekend and holidays.  If our fuel manger feels prices are heading higher, we will keep your tanks filled.   If we feel prices are going to move down, we will pull the levels down. While we are not always correct, our control of the inventory may allow you to beat a price increase or hold out for a lower price

Additionally, by letting  Spence/Banks Oil handle your transport loads,  you will be entitled to process your credit card transactions through our network at very competitive rates.   Making the choice to have Spence/Banks Oil  supply your product can both make your life easier and drive profits to the bottom line.

If you are a truck stop owner, convenience store owner, commercial or private user; we will help you save money and run more efficiently.

For 34 years, Spence/Banks Oil has supplied fuel to commercial accounts, power plants, municipalities and governmental agencies as well as to 30+ convenience stores within a 120 mile radius of Terre Haute, Indiana including locations in Illinois.

Fuel Transport